Night,death,and Dark.

Night crawls silently. As it whispers through the wind. Ruffling the trees leaves. As it sings of the grand dark Night. The Moon shines high in the sky. The Night creeps upon Deaths door. It gently knocks. And Death comes from outside. The Night whispers solemnly of a man who's murdered. Death agrees to take his soul. And Night will help. Then Night goes and finds Dark. Dark agrees to help. Death creeps to the house where the man sleeps without a sound. With the help of Dark,Death is not seen. Death then grabs a knife and plunges it into the mans black heart. His screams echo with pain. Death sucks his soul. He then parts from Night and Dark. Dark parts from Night. And Night rides stealthily through the trees leaving a cold chill of fear. Night is out for more. Dark is awaiting to strike. And Death will kill forevermore.
Goldpaw Goldpaw
Jan 19, 2013