To Cast Upon...

To cast upon my mind that spell,
that only the ancients truly tell,
to live the dream the dead ones call,
the dream of day in the modern hall,

the house of folly in the dying day,
is much to clutch with the hand of aim,
the house of mania masked with light,
will ever and anon be bright.

To cast upon your eyes soft stare,
my rythym my romantic air,
would be a ballad no bard could tell,
I dream of days no haunt of hell,

I would be brazen in this hazen land,
if once to touch your frozen hand.
So cool so cold just once to hold,
Your hand who's beauty has beaten gold.

To cast upon your heart my lay,
that brings sweet songs to the saddened day,
would be like days in the summer rain,
so sweet serene like the shores of spain.

like a spanish song of love gone wrong,
as the misty moon sings sweet love songs,
forever to dream the daydream of,
your hand in mine unending love.

But I stand alone as a forlorn freind,
dreaming these days would come to an end,
so sing to me your sweet heart song,
and yours I'll be forever long.
Djintaal Djintaal
31-35, M
1 Response Jan 20, 2013

With respect,we're on the same train