Stolen Moments Of Pure Bliss

small moments that complete my world...

when you see me and make you're way over to save me from other guys bothering me...

you hold me in your arms softly ask me if they're bothering me and I melt... and we merge like one...

the touch of your hand....

your kiss...

the feel of your skin...

the sparkle in your eyes...

you amaze me...

and though we've had a rough ride we still have moments of pure bliss just like day one....

your warm embrace... for moments, stolen moments I am safe with you :)

although I know I'm not the only girl in your life but every precious moment we share I'll engrave in my heart and lock away ...

Rosesanddiamonds Rosesanddiamonds 22-25, F 11 Responses Jan 20, 2013

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This really expresses the way I feel towards my crush. You really captured beautiful moments, with just a few words. Write more, because you never know when these memories will slip through your fingers. A nod let him know how you feel if you haven't. Because people nowadays disappear so fast, we don't even get to say goodbye.

you are right! ok thank you!

nicely written. you have a great talent for poetry. don't know if you wrote this for someone specific, or just thoughts you wanted to write. if this is for someone in your life, you should write it for that person, and hold the feelings you have close to your heart. :)

this is about a particular someone yea! thank you, your so kind!

Very interesting, thank you

It's beautiful sweetie!

thank you sweetheart! :)

This is so sweet....
I know this is how i will feel someday....
but for now, messages appease me, and reading of others happiness... lol

your so lovely and kind! thank you, you just brightened up my morning :)

B E A utiful

Lovely thought.

I loved it as a story, not as poetry.

very sweet :-)

thank you sweetheart :)

Sweet and touching gives reason to think of what could have been.

I still know him and see him... who knows i'll carry on writing about him next week for you :)

great Hope he treats u good.

thank you :)

make you're way - your
if their bothing - they're

..not being nasty, good grammar makes better poetry :)

fair enough. but I don't care :) have a nice day.

Thank you Jo! :)