Memories Of A Broken Childhood

When the rain falls I feel you crying,
When I cut I see your blood,
When I close my eyes I see your smile,
When I think of your name I remember all the memories,
Sweet times drifting by,
Hollow and frozen eyes,
Sweet days where we watched time slow down,
Then you left,
Left saying a good bye,
Farewell dear childhood,
I wave that girl who I no longer know away,
I watch the rain fall,
Such bitter memories,
Just wait for me,
Come and take my hand and watch as I fall,
Looking back at those times,
Such a innocent lost,
When the rain falls I feel the tears I cried,
When I cut I see all the blood I lost to the hatred of this world,
When I close my eyes I see the smile that I used to own,
When I think of my childhood I see every memory,
I am who I will always be.
thisaccountisgone thisaccountisgone
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This was brilliant! Omg its so amazing!

Yay thanks!!

No thank you for that brilliant piece of poetry

Haha I take it you like this one



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