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In The Gloam


In the gloam
deep in the forest
where the faeries sleep
There is one who knows

She knows the full measure
of you; the flame your smile kindles
The ache your brown eyes afford with every stroke
And the wake you leave in your leaving.

In the gloam
deep in the forest
where the faeries sleep
There is one who knows

She knows your greatest fears
your sweetest dreams, your wildest needs
the ache your body breeds in hers when you pull away
and the crippling silence, now that you’re gone.

WindSylph WindSylph 46-50, F 5 Responses Jan 20, 2013

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I love this

Wonderful. I will read this again and again. Just lovely!
*sleeps with faeries*

Beautiful. Almost unbearably so.

It's a lovely experience for me that people have found this poem more than a year later, and that it touches them in some way. Thank you nelladell.

I feel these words and can relate. Perhaps though in a different aspect.
See my husband had a stroke a while back. He refused the Physical Therapy because it was painful. It's in THIS aspect I felt him leave me. Not wanting to try, not wanting to get better. Instead his giving up and giving into THIS that consumed his body. Our love for each other was the greatest ever known. - Mentally he's aware of my presence now. But still feigns disinterest. He will cry. He will beg for me to bring him home. But I cannot care for him alone. And I fear feeling at fault if anything should happen to him in my care. I would never be able to lift him back in his wheel chair if he should fall.
Paralyzed his full right side and unable to speak but a garbled mumbling. The mumbling that he feels I should be able to understand and the anger when I cannot.

Oh CarlaW... your words just wrenched at my heart. Your loss is palpable in every word. When I wrote this poem, I hadn't written poetry for quite awhile. Not writing poetry was a source of sadness and loss for me... and then this poem and a small handful of others just burst onto the page. But I thought, these are so personal, no one will ever be touched by them. So thank you for the gift of finding this poem and for being moved by it... although I'm sorry it moved you into pain. If you are open to "light healing" that is, healing through light vibration, take a few moments to watch my video... possibly it will offer an uplift, or a sense of peace. And since I've gone on this long, I'll offer one other thing... you know in your heart you're providing the best possible care for him, given the circumstances. Stand in your power. You are amazing. Soft breezes, CarlaW.

Took me out of guard.
Near to tears emotions here if allowed.
Smiling through them.

Oh, my friend... Thank you for letting me know this touched you!

Your words are really art.
That is, deeply, what touch the emotions and own memories of the ones you don't know.
Rare to find.
Thanks again.