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Hawking Biscotti


We call it Tuscany,
our code word
for that secret place
you and I go.
We’ve never been to Italy
yet, we know the smells
and recognize the sounds
from the street.
You rise, and close the shutters
against the world, because if we can
hear the baker hawking his biscotti
from the pavement below,
then unsuspecting tourists
strolling across the cobblestones
can surely hear me
in our unguarded moments
as you hold me in just that way
And I cry out, as you love me to,
And, together we watch as the flowers
that line the veranda, burst into bloom
kissed, christened and debauched by you.
WindSylph WindSylph 46-50, F 3 Responses Jan 20, 2013

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I'm drinking coffee right now. Biscotti would be so nice right now. *adds to the grocery list*
Lovely post. :)

Thank you... I know... I never have biscotti in the house and I love the stuff!

Oh I buy it very rarely. It's a huge weakness. It grows legs and magically disappears around here. *grin* But it's been awhile since I splurged. *smile* I would love to be in your circle...and I tried to send you a friend's request earlier and couldn't. If you would like to add me to your circle...please let me know. :)

So cool! I just added you. Welcome to the neighborhood! :)

Likewise. :)

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You certainly paint a exquisite picture with words of love. You rouse our imaginations to wonderful moments in the past and greater anticipation for the future. Once again I thank you for sharing your gift.

Wow. Guess it is as it should be. Very nice

Thank you ;-)