June Moonlight!

this one is to my wife.

In a time lost long ago
When men were not so fast to go
Spend their lives on the gold to show

There lived a man who by strange chance
Had found a love a sweet romance
Had found a soul to share lifes dance

And his love for her was an epic tale
true loves treasure never to fail
a diamond in the desolate shale

And Her eyes they shone with unearthly glow
Brightness angels sought to know
Bring you peace like a river flow

They’de walk in winter hand in hand
Warmed by love in the frozen land
Warmed by holding their hearts in Hand

They’de dance in the summer sweet twilight
Dance till the sun surrenders the night
Dance to the tune of the june moon light!!!!

Two of them dreamed livin long together
Driftin as one like a wind tossed feather
Never to worried by the worlds cruel weather

Dreamed of happiness by the shore
Days of gladness tears no more
By the tide together they soar

Soarin like eagles on the wind
Never to notice the world so dim
Never distracted by the sight of sin

They were as one two unified
true Love rare and glorified
Were forever together tied!!!!!!
Djintaal Djintaal
31-35, M
Jan 20, 2013