Dappled Moonlight

Dappled moonlight like tears on my skin,
Lying here quietly yet raging within.
Emotions are flying, spiraling out of control,
I feel like I'm dying, stuck in this hole.

Love like a knife that splits me in two,
Emotions are raging, I'm thinking of you.
We started with fire that burned me inside,
Now your touch is icy, I'm falling, I've died.
I try to draw near you and you pull away,
I sense your soul leaving as you will someday.

Dappled moonlight like tears on my skin,
you lie there sleeping while I rage within.
I'm falling, I'm fighting, I love you so much,
I reach out to feel you, you draw from my touch.
My soul is searching, what else can I do,
Images flashing, of a life without you.

Dappled moonlight, there's tears on my skin,
Lying here quietly....while I die within.
AmeliaAndMama AmeliaAndMama 18-21, F 1 Response Jan 20, 2013

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i really like this poem. I can say that these are some feelings I'm feeling right now myself.

Thanks. I wrote it a while ago about my ex and found it while I was cleaning. I had to share it

Well let me tell you it feels really good to hear someone put the expressions I feel into words. Great Job :)