I Love You :)

I see the mask you wear everyday,
a beautiful veil, hiding the past from which you wish to stray
I saw myself in your eyes, and couldn't help but moan,
I applaud your efforts, they are not in vain, know you are not alone.
I saw myself in your eyes, it was refreshing to see.
As though my dreams could become reality

Feeling misunderstood your whole life,
Innocent to all the horrible things that come along with strife
Until the people you trust betray it,
Making you doubt every action, but dont quit
You start hating yourself because you tell yourself theres a chance
that all this blind hatred was the result of your ignorance
Rest your soul, you are perfect in every way,
Don't change for anyone, certainly not for those of whom
would rather make you suffer every day,
They don't deserve the satisfaction of knowing they got to you,
all they should get is a shovel and dig their own holes
deep in the earth, until they no longer know cold.

This is a plea that I hope you can answer
I feel as though we both need each other
It's corny to say but baby I'm just that way,
I feel like I've been searching for you so long I thought I was gay

I feel like every other time, I couldn't bring myself to care
But this time, all my love I give with nothing to spare
I feel like you can bring out the best in me,
its why I believe you are my destiny
Call me a fool if it's what you think,
I need only know one thing, because I'm on the brink
So long I have been roaming these plains
Only seeking trust and understanding, no refrains
At last I have found my mate
To which my soul shall share its fate
I know this may come as a shock,
but know that I shall be your rock,
the one on which you can lean on in times of need,
Just know that I trust in you to show me the lead,
I promise to follow your every move to the end of this Earth,
Never do I wish to be seperated from you, that,s how much you're worth
I feel that for all my imperfections, you can make me a man,
And I promise to you I shall make you feel like a real woman

Something I have never felt before
One who peers behind the mask and doesn't abbhor
But inside of me is the fear to trust
Convinced that your affection is merely lust
I only hope you can bear with me as I bide my time
Trying to figure out if you will play a part in my horrible crime
Of falling for a man who trusts only himself
And who would rather try and fail himself than accept help

All I need to know from you
Is whether or not I can be true,
If you, oh beautiful thing,
Can accept this fragile bee along with its harsh sting
And live a life based solely on emotion
love being the fuel to our passion
Lighting an eternal flame between our souls,
so pure and beautiful, lasting long enough to grow old.

This time that we are apart
The pain, it pierces my heart
That night you said you might leave
I tossed and turned feeling like I'd heave
My life felt as though it were ending
The tears flowed from my eyes to my sheets so fast they were sinking
My reason to live at this moment
Is knowing I will see you even for an instant
Don't you ever stray from this boy
My heart, it couldn't stand having been played like a toy
Not when this feels so surreal,
Persisting through life until this way I would some day feel
Now I don't have to hide anything from your ears
I can share with you all my desires and my fears
Know that this is how I show my affection
Love and trust are my composition
Can I indulge in this fantasy,
Will this be my destiny
Or is this merely my innocent desire of wanting to be loved
Blinding my sight once again as another regret I have formed
Consumes my essence
And in the end shall leave me heartless
Show me you're not like the others
I can't trust those who are takers
Unless of course you take my heart
Give me yours and this love shall start

I do not feel like making the same mistake twice
This is why It may take time to melt this heart of coldest ice
Do not be discouraged, for if you reveal your honesty
I shall give you eternal loyalty
Sadly these words can never express
its true meaning, to its depths
But do not worry,
I promise to you I'll never have to say sorry
And I hope that this may quench your thirst
You can drain me of my love until you burst
I shall always be by your side
Even when in different places we reside
Know I think only of seeing you once again
And can't stop torturing myself thinking of you with other men.

There is nothing else in this world that I may give,
my love for everyone is what allows me to live
But with love shortly thereafter comes hate,
That is if you are bound to my fate,
Prove to me that my rules have an exception,
Redefine the predetermined conclusion
Of the fate I had surmised
Would be with me until my demise
Change this horrbile, loveless shell of a man
Make me feel alive if you can,
I pledge to give you my best
What you deserve after being hurt by the rest.
I only hope that what I offer will suffice
For all my shortcomings, I can only make this promise
I'll hold on to you until my hearts stops beating,
I'd like for that name of yours to have a new ring.
Do not be overwhelmed by these words,
They are merely precursors
To the love I shall give you
When fate allows us to
For myself, a new hope has dawned
I'm in love with you, what do you respond?

pdzle93 pdzle93
18-21, M
Jan 20, 2013