Waking To Love

Heaven is waking up everyday smiling

The **** of the world can just keep on piling

Cause the suns in your eyes, the woman that shines

everytime you see her, you just wana cry

its like a new life, every time you wake up

its like all of Gods nectar, put inside of a cup

thats hes givin to you, finally something of worth

no matter how much you got it, you know you just dont deserve

the smile she has, the shine that it gives

if ever there was, shed be the reason to live

the touch of her skin, soft as silk

you wana wrap yourself around her, like shes a quilt

the warmth she has, are you sure its not the sun

you dont really know, besides thats shes the one

excited to sleep, cause you know what you waking to

heart feels so valid, when everything you say is true

her eyes, they go on forever nothing you cant see

finding emotions in your soul, that go deeper than the sea

Heavens right beside me, so God im not ready

please dont rock this boat, when its going so steady

she may just be, my stretch of imagination

but in my heart, shes your greatest creation

everything that i wanted, nothing i hate

that word dont even exsist, as long as shes my fate

at the end of the day, her eyes close the sun follows

as were in each others arms, as we laugh and we wallow

devotion, the sin i feel for her is like an ocean

the love behind my lusting, is my true notions

she knows, and she can clearly see it

half the time, its the reason why shes breathing

these feelings i cant truly express them, i dont know how

the only true way i know to, is to take them vows

so she knows im not leaving, im forever bound

she dont gotta worry bout the future, cause she has me now

the ring on my finger, itll keep me to linger

the love that she now feels, your words can no longer sting her

just keep imagining the day, where you walk down the aisle

cause everytime that i do, i cant hold back a smile

just imagining the eyes, that hide under veil

the smile that will come, on the day that ill knell

the tears that youll shed, fall apart in my arms

the only place that i want you, so i know your not far

only God can take you, baby this world cant make you

so just hold on longer, i promise ill be there to save you

So whyd you leave me? Cant believe youd desert me after these kind of feelings. Good riddance enjoy the day to come when your eyes open as mine did and you realize you lost a guy who would do anything for you.
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2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

b*tches ain't **** but hoes n tricks LOL


screw her! You always knew you could do better

Haha miss yknow she told me she beat a guy off when we was halfway through the relationship we had? Chick neva loved me thats what hurts but ill get over it she jus a wound to be covered wit a bandaid for a while....she aint no scar....cause scars have stories worth telling...she only a story worth forgettin