You're gone, you're free, but where does that leave me?
Alone, barehanded, I fight off a monster I'll soon be.
But not before, You make it clear that i'm yours
From my mind, down my throat, too my core
I feel so broken when you **** with my head
You could've left me but you used me instead
You're not the girl that you swore you'd be
You changed me, you changed everything
You're the only one that can't fathom what you do to me
You're killing me, or just whats left of me. Nothing left to see.
You gave me a sea of nothing, but more land.
I haven't drowned here but i'll try cause I can
You owned me, but without you whats my purpose?
I don't think you can really hear me, I can't do this!
Just tell me your secrets and then i"ll ask my questions
Stop telling me lies this is supposed to be a confession
I know you're going to run that's how you play these games
People can point their fingers, **** them I know who's to blame
I suppose now that you're gone I can start fresh right?
Wrong, I'm dragging you to hell with me, **** the light.
Wait, wait, wait, I have one last thing to say
If you cared so much then why didn't you stay?
InsideAnOutsideWorld InsideAnOutsideWorld
18-21, M
Jan 21, 2013