I Am Nothing...but Tears

I still feel your pain
Time has not forgot
Grieving in my shame
Your lips will never utter my name

To no longer bask in your glow
I feel so cold, so alone…
You were a thief of light
In my moment of weakness

Emotionless in silence
Can’t breathe, can’t cope
Words cannot describe
My descent into darkness

I can no longer see
What my eyes wanted me to see
I am nothing….but tears

ForestofStars ForestofStars
36-40, M
1 Response Jan 21, 2013

Tears are the fountains of sorrow
never to letup the springs of tomorrow
Tears cleanses our souls
Tears give us solace
Tears give us relief
Tears give us solace
Tears give us to remove burden
Tears connect us to the soul

tears, my last true feelings, the one thing I can still taste.