She Will Sink.

Ok I'm not sure if you would call this a poem or not. I think it's more of a sad story I wrote. It's about a friend of mine that killed herself. I hope you like it!


The voices in her head get louder and louder as she walks in the water. All the people think she's just going for a swim,but she's going to sink.

She crys with a bottle in her grip wishing this would end sooner and quicker m. But the waters getting colder and colder, but she's getting closer and closer to what she wants.
As she walks in to her cold grave she can still hear the voice of her last love telling her that its over as she gets deeper and deeper into the water.......she starts crying harder.
Because she thought she'd never hear her girlfriends voice again.
While that same girlfriend is running in that cold water after her....but it mite be too late.

She's crying with a bottle in he grip.
Wishing this would all end sooner and quicker. But the water getting colder, but she's getting closer to what she wants.
But it's all too late because she's finally has what she wanted.
As she goes down with her last breath leaving her cold dead lips.
Her love is above her crying and crying. Wishing she knew sooner that she loves her and wishing that her love wasn't dead.
While those people on the beach sees her dead body being lifted from her icy cold grave,
They realize that she never wanted to swim......she wanted to sink.
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

wow ,,,, omg , it made me cry !!!! It's beautiful but soooo sad !!!!

Awww I'm sorry! Don't cry!