It's been 49 days since I've seen you,
49 days since I heard your voice,
And I think I can say
that 49 days
Is the longest I can do without you.

While I was swimming in the aquarium
of your love,
all was well.
You kept things in balance,
You fed me with your attention and caring.

But lately I feel like I'm a fish out of water...
I struggle to breathe, to survive.
Without your nourishment and care,
I fear I will drown.
lonelyheart807 lonelyheart807
46-50, F
5 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Very unique, your style is your own...love it...jb..


Yeah...not my best.

I dont know why you two are apart..................but i feel you

I just know him as a casual acquaintance right now...although I have a somewhat better chance of contact with him starting this Monday.

love it... very good :)

Thank you...

Love it