My Fear.

My fear is losing you. You,sister,dying. I'd take your place. Looking at your headstone,a tear rolling down my face. I hope to never see that day. I want to die when you die sister. I go when you go. Whether it be today or tomorrow,I go when you go. God must know I die when you die. If he doesn't take me,I'll take myself. It's a vow I have made. And I will never break. I'm not afraid day,lord no,but I'm afraid what I'll leave behind. I wish not to leave my mate,or anything else I love on this plane. But if I go,I go anytime of anyday. Just promise me you'll remember all those good times we had together. And the laughs we shared with each other. I know I will. I cherish those memories and love them so. Never forget me. Never leave me. Always be strong. That is my fear,but what is love and courage without a little fear? I have courage and hope. Most of all I have your love. And you have mine. I hold onto you and I know you'll pull me up from those dark depths. And I'll hug you tightly as you pull me up. I'll never let you go. Always know I love you and I'll never let you go.
Goldpaw Goldpaw
Jan 21, 2013