Knight In Shining Armor.

I guess its safe to say you don't know about love,
how are you going to tell me you love me,
and the next day your gone, i blinked for a second
and you flew away, now i am sitting here with a cigaret
in my hand trying to smoke the pain away, you said i
wasn't ready, you're right because i was more than ready,
i had a dream last night, i was saving you from the evil ninjas,
i was a cold soldier ready to fight, now i am in the airport waiting
for the next flight, the flight that might lead me to my destiny, now
its clear to see that maybe you weren't meant for me or maybe we
weren't meant to be, but i am sure ill see you soon.. ill leave it to destiny.
youngKnight youngKnight
18-21, M
Jan 21, 2013