The earth is bleeding.

I am a poet from the land of stones, writing from the river of blood.

My words are stitched between sorrow and suffering.

I am a skeleton resurrecting from the sad memories of anihilation and the dark mysteries of when light and darkness meet at the breaking of dawn..

I am from where the sun rises with blood on it's thighs and where trees weep at night.

I married havoc, divorced peace and common sense.

I am the tear of the earth,the curse of the horns.

And I still stink gun powder.

I am bitterness call me war

I have a legacy that carried sorrows from the days of the yelping baboons and yapping dogs

Suffering from the heartburn of freedom in need of some afrodisiac of logic.

So much wealth of arrogance draining thru my nose

I am the dead in the trees blowing with wind,i can not be deleted by civilization.

I am the sun breaking from the villages of the east with great inspiration of revolutions

My fingers caressing the bloom of liberation.

Politicians dangling filthy bellies, fools with dialeted minds and ugly souls running a mock with their silly stunts.

Centuries on repeat
Money, power, violence, poverty and war ..killing eachother for amusement and pride
was i to small for all of us or did some have to die.

You may chop my living roots for your peace of mind.

My suffering must have built for you that castle in heaven you wanted.

I am bitterness, sweetness, all that is living and yes i am bleeding 
I am earth

By Maya G.
My first shared poem on ep:)
MissPoeticPilgrim MissPoeticPilgrim
18-21, F
Jan 21, 2013