A Premonition?

I am a new widow.. age 43...the love of my life died the day after Christmas...after a 10 yr battle with stage 4 cancer... I came across this poem I had written back in high school... before i ever knew or met my husband... I was 17 at the time.. it won an award and was published and recorded.. I came across the cassette a couple weeks before he died...i had forgotten about it actually... i know a cassette...lol.. i guess i am old :) anyways i distinctly remember writing this poem on the lobby floor of my high school.. it came over me in a rush.. and i cried as i wrote it... keep in mind i had never even dated anyone at the time, let alone dealt with any death like this... we read it at his funeral.. and i left a single red rose in a bud vase for him...interested to know what you all make of it... it is called


I thought it would never come to this,
me giving you one final kiss...
We made a promise and took a vow...
i just cant believe its all over now...

I thought it would last for eternity ,
together forever... just you and me.
We shared our secrets, our hearts and our souls.
we talked of the future, and of getting old..

We walked hand in hand thru thick and thru thin
you opened your heart and welcomed me in
We smiled at the sun and danced in the rain
We never knew sorrow, no aches and no pain...

We walked thru green meadows for hours and hours
we spent our time just smelling the flowers...
two red roses with intertwined stems,
meant that our love was perfect, like them

Now you are gone...I stand here alone
I feel a strange numbness right down to the bone
As the coffin slowly lowers, I feel part of me die
And through all the tears, I whisper goodbye

As i kneel by your side, pain fills my heart
i feel like my soul is falling apart
I can feel myself shaking from my head to my toes...
As I place on your grave... a SINGLE red rose...

joy143 joy143
41-45, F
Jan 22, 2013