Love Rose

Love is like a rose it’s delicate and sweet and it breaths like it’s alive

It’s wild like the vines going up a fence

It can hurt like thorns or be soft like petals

It can soothe a burn or make the wound

It can make you smile or make you frown

It can make branches or break them at the stem

No matter what love never dies neither does the memory of the rose and what it means

My rose and love haven't ever faded and will never

The beauty of the rose and true love is bright as beauty can get

It’s the light we all see when we pass on

It’s God’s love that we see pulling us to feel his warm embrace

It’s never just a bright light

I’ve seen it and it’s like nothing you can imagine

The brightest thing you can ever see is no darkness just pure white

It’s not faded though it’s there twenty-four/seven

Even when we all die, he’s there arms open wide to receive us

And when we die, love will keep us alive

Whether it’s in the memory of the rose or in love itself

We're all still going to be on Earth forever and never die thought your body fades

Our mark is still there along with our print

We will always be a rose in the field of loving memories

We will always carry at least one precious rose

Be it a rose of love or a rose of pure memories

harddragon harddragon
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 22, 2013

you are good

your better

you will get better if you keep trying

thank its about my grandma she died right after my birthday its sad but i know that someday ill see her again