I am vibrant, then I am dark
I move with the wind
I change with the scenery
I change according to what others think of me.

I am colorful, then I am bland
I move with emotion
I change with the weather
I change for worse, I change for better.

I am beautiful, then I am ugly
I move with the waves
I change with the light
I change until my form is just right.

I am loud, then I am quiet
I move with the birds
I change with the sky
I change to attain the ultimate high.

I am fierce, then I am timid
I move with the earth
I change with the season
I change without intention, but I change with reason.

I am unique, then I am not
I move with the years
I change with the trend
I change until I completely blend.
ninaskye ninaskye
18-21, F
Jan 22, 2013