Just One More Cut

Just one more cut
My heart screams
Just one more cut
The blood pooling at my feet
That's all it takes
To shut my pain away
Just one more cut

It's like heroine but in deguise
It doesn't even those warning NO signs

It's not lile anyone would care my heart screams
No more crying, or dying for me

You don't say I love you
You don't give a ****
Why do you lie everyday?
Lifes not worth it!

Why can't I die?
Why can't it be over with?
Maybe this poem....is a part of it.

No more scars
None for me
I won't give in
To those beady eyes I see.
The devil can scream
You need more pain
But to be truthful
I am FOREVER done with this ****in game!!
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Jan 22, 2013