I'll Find You

Beautiful colors to show my way
From tides of low and high
With my dreams of dark rays
Along with waves of light

Shining and Glittering as one can see
Nature of golden eyes
Confident as soul as with thee
Dancing in the morning sky

With a faithful smile from tempest love
Showed my will outside the heart
With my crying and caged dove
From beneath the sad art

To protect others’ soul
Happiness will in my curse
Until an angel voice calls
Outside your young thirst

I want others to protect me
In this cursed dark alley
Someone to touch and see
My inner most weak of beauty

My best to be done, oh love
For your happiness,
Everything will be gone
Even in my solemnness

I am always alone
With no one to help
No one to go
Only with my own soul

In exchange for what I want
I will pray for what you seek
In exchange for my life
I will grant your wish

I have friends in such jolly days
Until the sunlight sleeps
The dark hug my secret ways
And I start crying on alley dips

I sell my soul
Even on the devil’s hand
To have your soul
On an angels palm

I want someone to care for me
Do everything to protect me
Warm my soul and whisper to me
My soul is kind and so free

I am cursed, yet I could save
I think it’s the only thing I could make
To make sure you are safe
And sing and dance even cold embrace

I am cursed, yet I yearn for love
Someone to hold my hand
Carry me to the eternal sky
And bring me to my promised land

For I will protect you,
I will save you.
Please protect me,
Please save me
eaden594 eaden594
18-21, M
Jan 23, 2013