All Different But The Same

One man's pleasure is another man's pain,

indifference is commonplace never the same,

what I like what you like isn't equivalent,

compromise is a factor you have to relent.

Each of us is similar though different you see,

what you find irritating seems good to me,

complexity of values makes us unique,

archetypal like-minded the one's that we seek.

A prism is multifaceted the colours ensue,

from a single point of light rainbows shine through,

the basis of mankind articulate in difference,

holds close to his own his personal preference.

Ying and yang two sides of the same coinage,

realized a portrait of expendable lineage,

magnets of humanity opposites attract,

two sides of an argument discover the facts.

Conversation is stretched to points of view,

that I agree with doesn't mean that it's true,

taste is like assumption it settles on the tongue,

sweet utterances to you to me seem so wrong.

The world is made up of psychedelic hue,

if it was just black and white that surely wouldn't do,

total inconsistencies in others can be found,

after all it's the same differences that make the world go round.

Try to consider if we're all just the same,

life would be pointless empty and lame,

it's only our uniqueness that offers such pleasure,

that creates an attraction for others to treasure.

Whole spectrum’s of personality for us to conceive,

if the truth was in the lie it would be hard to believe,

singularly we're all different and for each of us true,

if we were all the same then who would be who.

Opposition of character develops the mind,

creates a community for people to find,

robots are faceless with one singularity,

to understand reason then turn into clarity.

Discourse is a tool enjoyed by the masses,

if we were all the same then the moot point surely passes,

locked inside our heads we would become very bitter,

there would be no need for facebook or even for twitter.
alwaysfightingmyemotions alwaysfightingmyemotions
41-45, M
Jan 23, 2013