I wish I may,
I wish I might,
That my favorite dreams,
Would become real tonight.

I fought back hard,
But fell down too fast,
I knew my dream,
Would never last.

My heart beats soft,
My thoughts lay still,
My pain is a burden,
I continue to feel.

Listen close,
And listen well,
This scream is silent,
But rings like a bell.

Hand to hand,
Lips to lips.
Repressed memories fade,
But the secrets still live.

Darkness falls,
Daylight splatters.
If you listen hard,
You'll see what matters.

Pink to orange,
Red to green.
I hoped for a life,
Without things I've seen.

Black cats prowl,
And a Dingo yelp.
Listen real close.
A heart calls out for help.

I wish I may,
And I wish I might,
But this night's the same.
Just loneliness in sight.
DoveBreath DoveBreath
26-30, F
Jan 25, 2013