Let the winds whisper my song..
Let the birds sing along
this is music in the middle of
life plays the tunes..
I listen ,get twisted
wondering how am gonna pay my
Am falling
deep to the rhythm that brings no
these tears,they blur my eyes,
am no longer wary,
these bitterness saps me dry,
life's gone awry.
let me cry...
Dog eared and crumpled
is the hope I had, now am disgruntled
you keep on saying its never gonna
yet all I can see is a dark gray sky
hope seems just another big fat lie.
Cold,wrenching my heart..
fear taking toll
tearing me apart,
words I cant mutter,
I already lost,fighting doesn't matter
let me break...
Like the tidal wave that hits the rock of
the sea
breaks and roars away,
let me empty the anguish in my soul..
I hit the rock bottom..o ooh
the whiz of breath in me is roaring
Don't tell me something I already
its never gonna be okay anymore
I will put the broken pieces together
but the lines,the edges of the crack will
always remain
and hollowness digging into the
depths of my soul..
emptiness,my closest friend, I can feel
its crawl..
Am broken
body heart and soul
will i awaken?
will I be made whole?
leshanes leshanes
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 28, 2013

very nice :)

thanks adrianO:-)