Painful Blood

The twisted vines that wrap as scars,
Twisting around the blood,
A hopeless soul lost in the maze if life,
So many turns, so many dead ends.

Time slows down and my blood falls,
Tears fall till they freeze,
Cuts and slices with pure self hate,
A daily routine passing by my days,
This is how I pass the time and lonely moments.

The times of pain and crimson tears,
Memories flashing revealing hidden fears,
Mans touch bringing screams,
Woman's caress brings the worse of dreams.

The curse of life where all goes dark,
Blood solves it in my shattered heart,
The tune that plays a melodic sound,
It is my escape from my own horror show.

Blood and tears that solve a broken smile,
Fires burning to the ends,
Water drowning out the sound,
Then with silence I fall to the ground. 
CrushedScottishLass CrushedScottishLass
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 28, 2013

:) that's very good Snow.