To Explain My Love For You

It's hard to believe this emotion can fit within this minute, effortlessly.
Yet when i reminisce about the same feeling you conjure within me,
I can think until the clock strikes half-past infinity.

My love for you grows by dimensions every time the clock ticks,
We can emotionally write the ineffable story of our lives together,
But forever remain in the synopsis.

Now, I could attempt to explain,
But words wont at all do any justice.

To explain,
It would mean to pause existence, and refuse to allow it's persistence.
To make it then write a law which rids us of our unfortunate distance.

It would mean to break the laws of the universe, to fix this misunderstanding.
Jam a log in the middle of its cog, to prevent the future from happening.

To stop time dead in it's tracks, by its own impeccable game.
Make it live by my laws until together it whispers our names.

To hold fate by the neck, to give it a gun with one bullet,
Spin the revolver a million times then grabbing the trigger to pull it.

To convince the stars to stop forming, and rid black holes from iniquity.
To make sound travel deep into space and perform a forever long symphony.

To acquaint the lunar night with the solar sky,
So that day and night can now unite.
I'd have to stop EVERYTHING from its business,
So that it can focus on You and I.

My dearest i couldn't tell you how much my love is
Because the universe did not grant me enough to speak on this subject.
So if you honestly wanted to know my honest love towards you,
You'd have to force existence to confess why it's hidden from view.

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1 Response Jan 28, 2013

Oh my gosh. This is incredibly mellifluous. Absolutely beautiful. Astonishingly heart warming.
Just oh my!!