Snow. As white as Snow that she is. As kind as she can be. Her heart as big as the Sea. And as warm as the Sun. Snow's beauty is shining and lovely too. She's amazing and enthralling and a great friend. She's a great alpha with a gentle hand. She's amazing in her own way. I wonder where lovely Snow went. Why did she melt away? I can not live without lovely Snow.For she makes up a part of my world. Dear Snow,where did you go? I need you now. I need your wisdom to guide me. Your words help soothe me. Your spirit calms me. You give me a piece of mind. You bring love wherever you go. And I desperately need your love. I can not live without it Snow. Nor can I live without you. Come back dearest Snow. Let your love fall. Let the world be covered in your white love. As white as Snow. As red as Blood. As black as Night.
As lovely as Snow.
Goldpaw Goldpaw
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Am here Goldie

Oh thank God! I remember now,you said you might delete your old profile and create a new one.