The twinkle in the eye of the happy. The flash in the smile of the glad. The grimace on the face of the saddened. The fire in the soul of the mad.

The twist in the turn of a dancer. The wisdom in the mind of the wise. The passion of the emboldened romancer. The tears of all those who have cried.

The step of each foot that still marches. The hand given freely to shake. The regret of he who hath squandered. The creations of all those who make.

The whisper in the words softly spoken. The chill in the spine of the scared. The gifts that are given as tokens. The courage of those that have dared.

The challenge that lay there before us. The hurt in a heart that once loved. The sound of a heavenly chorus. The push in the back of the shoved.

The thoughts of the preplanning thinker. The day that has yet to come. The lie, bought hook, line, & sinker. The passage of all those now gone.

The freedom that's paid with a steep price. That costs so much more than gold. The reasons should all make us think twice. Or granted power shall become uncontrolled.

Let the mighty fear them ; The most common. Let them heed our demands and our needs. Let them see that to serve is a privilege. Let them refind their humanity.

Sit not idle in the face of injustice. Sit not quietly accepting of greed. Sit not placid while a storm rages onward Destroying what we're meant to be.

Stand for all of the fallen. Stand up to that which appalls. Stand tall for all of the lowly. Answer your consciouses call.

Live for those who are dying. Live for those yet to come. Live with a love for the living. Until your last day is done.

The Snowdog -
TheHiker TheHiker
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4 Responses Jan 31, 2013

Powerful... I can hardly find words. I'd love to know what inspired it. I will not soon forget your words. Thank you for sharing them.


I'm never really sure why I write what I write. A stray thought across the void, I call my mind, I guess. Then my soul shifts it all into rhymes. I'm happy that you enjoyed this one. I have many more that span the length and breadth of human emotions. It's my hope to hear from you again. Thanks for taking some time.

My pleasure... and... I'm sure our paths will cross again as we 'travel the length and breadth of human emotion' (if I may borrow your words:)

Feel free to borrow away. I always have more words.

"Let them refind their humanity."
That's my favorite line.

And likely the thing we all need the most. Thank you, dear Quintese. I find your input to be quite quintessential.


You're awesome.

Really well done and inspiring, definitely a chilly thrilly!

Thank you. Happy to hear you liked it.

This is so powerfully worded and done that it actually gave me a chill reading it. It takes a really special talent to do that to a reader.....You have that gift Snowdog..Totally......

Yay..., a chilly thrilly, makes me feel silly.

Very glad to have had an affect.

"Chilly thrilly" I totally like that one!!