A tear-streaked face,
Wiped clean with
hands that are small
and callused by hard work.
She tries to be a good
daughter, a good friend.
But it's never enough.

What else can she do
to improve herself?
Sick of the judgement,
sick of the lies and the pain.
Just wanting it all to end.

But she needs to stay strong.
A girl, meant to be -
yearning to be -
Accepted and strong,
but misjudged and broken.

but not letting anyone see.
Look into the depths of her eyes.
Look past the bright,
happy, dancing hues of color
to the swirling depths of
buried and hidden sorrow.
Her bright, happy persona?
A front.
To hide the horrors
of the real her
people will see
She cries,
wipes her eyes,
Stands up and looks in the
"I am strong," she says.
CallaLilly17 CallaLilly17
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 31, 2013

Thats Beautiful .. if u ever need someone im here for u

Ok I was just being friendly no need to get mad bro


That wasnt hitting. Trust me and yeah I really would love to die.oh yeah thanks sis

Oi! Males - lets tone down the testosterone levels, shall we? Saxon, we've talked. Jose - thank you for what you originally commented. I know that you as we'll as Sax, the rest of the pack and my family are here for me as well. I appreciate it.

Lol. Sorry about that sis. I kinda wanted. Him to really attack me it would be fun to finally find someone. Who can go toe to toe with me

Aww violence and blood shed what agreat idea.

Enough! Both of you males! Thanks for the compliment on the poem by the way, Sax(:
But seriously, Jose - stop provoking my mate. Geez. I swear, males...oi. Ill never understand them. But I do know that I could easily defeat you all because I'm just that badass ;) seriously though - I don't want to hear another peep out of you if it's going to be anything mean. Understood?

Fighting is only worth so much. The human heart is worth much more especially if the person keeps bleeding.

Heartofawolf0 ....yes. Very much so lol he definitely is. (But shhh! Don't tell him I said that!) ;)

And saxon. Yes you are.

Lolol we're going to get along just fine :)

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Hello. I know the feeling you remind me of a young lady from the church i go to, anyways if you ever need support advice or just a listener. I would love to help.

Thank you

Ironicly the girl from
My church is named grace too

That is kind of funny

Yeah around your age if i recall but i doubt she'd follow a were life like you and mister over territorial do she professed christian life young.


But! She walks in the light. I am the line.

I too am a follower.

I doubt it'syou her last name is wammack.

No I know we're not the same person. Just saying

Secretly despite the age difference i love and care about her i know the hard ship of being a different being from others


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