Titanic Siege Of End Times

Times of damnation are upon the world
Violence and conspiring media expedites chaos
Agony of souls in denial of the Father above escalates
Light Workers gather and triumph over trials of pain and suffering

The resurrected guardian angel becomes reborn in flesh
God begins his enactments of seals and bowls of impending doom
Skies flare and altercate into red funnels and black smog
Sun becomes null in view, moon illuminates ominous glow

Lushiro begins movement with the perfected faith
Duo operate flawlessly as trinity ravishes purity and holy
Government frightened of End Times entourage nationality
Civilians scramble and collapse in utmost fear and despair

The lamb above unlocks the first set of seven seals
Glorious scroll of secrets and recollection of Revelation
Awaken the surrealistic events upon the earth
Flames of fury, winds of catastrophe, biological decimation

Seas rise and collide against the lands
Sun emblazons in absolutism of scalding heat
Atmosphere of sulphuric pang taint oxygen of necessity
Mountains shift and congregate in coerced transition

Vengeance upon the finite world is seized
Within the grasp of the Almighty's universal fist
Wrath and Love for the world converge justified
Angels prepare for cascade down from the heavens

Horsemen gather their platoon with Jesus Christ
Messianic Savior and Shepard lead the army of salvation
Oppressive forces of nations prepare for heavenly and hell war
Anti-Christ smirks in conceit of misguidance and corruption
Lushiros begin recruitment and plotting in advancement

God guides his children, warriors, saviors, priests, saints and angels
Satan maliciously slaughters those who defy his catalyst
Lushiro leads his Light Workers via God's calling
Jesus Christ performs mysterious movements in absolute secrecy

Extremism of singular religion strives
And divides the lost souls of six billions
Christians attempt to warn in vain of oncoming death
Anti-Christ assassinates anarchists of false Christs and Prophets

Lushiro grants gateway for ambush and paramount victory for Christ
Light Workers rally and perform miracles for the glorious Father
Heavenly sky above unveils the righteousness and holy awe
Judgment day arrives upon all in the world of reality and spirituality

Song Of Inspiration:
Lushiro Lushiro 18-21, M 3 Responses Jan 31, 2013

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That is beautiful, sorry my phone is so slow

No worries, but thank you! :)

I am speechless for your beauty, Lushiro. Has no one approached you to publish? Thank you. Vivid images that sing of your message. I love this. And its beauty. kissessssssssssssssssssssssssss....And admiration and respect. xoxxo

Ha! I wish I could find a publisher :/

you've tried to get it published?

I am looking for a publisher these such luck.

tried the yellow pages?

Haha now there's an idea :)

i mean..don't publish your poem IN the yellow pages...but find a name of a publisher that way hehe

Lmao I know haha! Okay thanks for the tip I'll give it a try :)

What about a religious publisher? I have no clue how....Your words sing, Lushiro. You just to find out to whom...xoxo

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A descriptive passionate poem of fiery vengence.