Be My Love

I happened [stumbled] upon her one day,

Clad in a muddied dress, in disarray.

Damsel why on this floor dost thou lie?

Reply, "I am alive? I am ali-"

Deaden thy waggling tongue fair maid

Such babble thou speweth forth! Her mumblings fade.

I have but one request to make of thee,

I am lost in thy beauty. Decay. [Me].

Come live with me! This, my sole inquiry,

In forbidden love we shall live merrily.

We will drain the green from bloated mounds,

Sit upon rocks of lovers gone- no bounds.

I will make thee a bed of black poppies

And burnt orange lilies, they will not freeze

In callous night, they will survive. [Survive!]

Unlike before, now will our love thrive.

Reply, "I am alive I am ali-"

A hollow, frigid, unfeeling reply,

Quoth I in frustration.

Rosy leaves

Run down thy dress in a neat line. [Disease].

[Silence thy vain, angry interjections

Confounded mind!]

I see no reflection

Of myself in her weary, clouded eyes,

Nor do I feel any warmth in her thighs.

Nor care I. The day is cold. I am old.

She loves me. My promises have her sold.

Her skeletal hands do so gracefully move

As she says, "Come live with me, be my love."

For those curious about the why those specific flowers - They are symbols of death and lust.

SilenceEvermore SilenceEvermore
3 Responses Feb 2, 2013

I feel it.

Your poems are horrible and you sound like crap. Just stop writing it'll get you no where

So your reaction to my opinions disagreeing with your own is to troll me? That's mature.

You're ugly & suck at writing

Oh well, at least I enjoy it ^_^

You shouldn't even

Oh well, I will have to live with this grave transgression.

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