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Just walking on the road breaking every single code of freedom and confidence just becoming someone who's disguised. How that climb on the mountain so easy and so great makes you think "who's that person" and be amazed, just a thought crossing your mind leaving you just as you held it from behind the strings that are attached from your mind it leaves you flying for freedom fulfilling it's dream and just waving you good bye...the dreams you dream are beyond your think to yourself "to make them true is mostly unlikely"... you're just disguised as a person who's happy but inside you you're crushed into pieces breaking down and wanting to break free.. how I wish all the best for you and how I'm willing to give all the good to you... bring yourself back up again and dream your dreams...your thoughts are amazing and you will soon become that amazing person you want to be.
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This is really great! Nice writing :)

This is amazing Amir , so great that you have all that hope in you , I believe you are strong enough to go through everything in life , I really love this one , I write a lot ... but yours feel so different !! When I read them I feel like I'm learning from you and my hope gets stronger and stronger !!! Thanks a lot for sharing them Amir !!

Thanks , and you are very welcome :) I just hope that smile was from your heart :)

YAY :)

Amir, i feel like you bear your soul into every single one of the poems you post on here...its such a beautiful thing to see and im glad i get to see them everyday...its truly amazing...and this is another great in awe, really...

YAY, i made you happy again...youre welcome..again...:)