Expressing My Gratitude

The warmth of your hand extends
All the way to my heart,
Troubling my heart beats
While extinguishing troublesome
Thoughts away.
Your smile is a deep
Well thought of, captivating beauty
Reminiscing inside me, thoughfully.
Your lips can be more fulfilling
Than trying to wrap my hands
Around life's mysterious wonders,
While your eyes grasp
An intense burning sensation
I cannot escape from
But have to look away, out
Of embarrassment.
If only I could
Express my gratitude
But until that day comes
Forward to my surprise,
I will keep dreaming
Wishfully, as to
Which way would
Be the one and
only best.
LaVitta LaVitta
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 7, 2013

i little bit understand.But its wonderful

What do mean by a little bit understand? But otherwise thank you =)

Its mean i dont understand the words.But i can imagine what are you talking about.?You need to more clear about expression

I never have been able to through poetry lolz sorry

What do you imagine I am talking about?