Just a minute or two away.. my friend
Just a glimpse at them.. I see trust
I'm calling out for them.. and they are there
Every day we would have an adventure every where
My life was so much better than now
We fell apart but I don't know how
They moved away, just like a balloon floating out of your hand
My friend... my days of wonders and my days of happiness
Just like a sister, every time I would hear their whisper
"My friend, I will always be forever glad to have you in my life, you were so much to me than only a friend.."
I feel sad, it's just unbelievable
If I could turn back time , I would
I would put them in my heart and lock them in
I would forever keep them safe and protect them
A million miles away, it feels like it would take years just to reach them
So far yet so close...but I guess this is what life chose
For us to be apart, the whole world against us
But all I can think of is our trust
Sometimes I think I chose it to be this way
When I used to tell them just to leave me alone or to go away
I'm regretting the things that I've done
My friend.. My sister.... I will forever love you.
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2 Responses Feb 7, 2013

god im dying...this rings true to me on so many levels...i got so many friends that live so far from me and we used to be so close and now we no longer speak...i got bestfriends that just grew apart from me that i miss so much...i got my own sister that i havent seen in a while and miss like crazy...god...if only i could turn back time...thanks for writing this........x

:O I just saw this !!!! It's really good , I really liked it !!

0.o this isn't about you ???

Oohh !!! Okay , that's cool :D