I Have Created

My mind wonders off in the distance to never be found again..

and if i shall find it i shall not keep it..

creativity meshed with such complexity creates.. me.

as my thoughts are infinate and portray thee, as an object untouched.

one cannot nearly see as much, for i do not talk nor do i whisper..

i am quite aware of the voice in my head that hinders and slithers as a snake.

causing distress and confusion.

but i cherish this snake as my own, and since my mind is its home i show it motherly love because i am why it has grown.

and although the venom is quite strong, my brain is where it shal belong..

i embrace it, it causes me pain, i have raised it, and i am still sane,

it breaks me, i love it, it hates me, ive raised it unconciously. i am the one to blame.

a thought slithers away..as this snake that i have raised, and it shall impregnate itself over and over again.. to implant more thoughts for me to smile at... the thought of a monster that i have created..

and it is my own

and i have made it.
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2 Responses Feb 7, 2013

Wow, that describes someone going through a lot, and hating yourself and not knowig how to let it go, because it keeps growing and will never stop. Sounds like how depression is for me, even though your not talking about that, but a deeper darker side of you that continues with no end.

I like this...

That's awesome. How often do you write?

thanks..an usually wenever I hav sumthn in mind

I'd love to see some of it.