Wedge Tailed Eagle

Wedge tailed eagle high in the sky
With a wing spand 2 metres wide
Claws that can grip very tight
Beak that would give it's prey a fright
Why is he circling my camp site
He has a joey in his site
Swoops down through the leaves of the trees
To grab his young prey to be
Claws grip the joey so tight
The joey struggles with all his might
This joey has no chance in this fight
Eagle struggles to lift it's prey in flight
Eventually he lifts his prey high in the sky
Sadly the joey will not survive
In the distance the joey nolonger looks alive
This is a sad fact of life
Though the eagle will eat well tonight
Maybe he has a family to feed tonight
This is the circle of life
Colin Bradley

colinb1970 colinb1970
41-45, M
Feb 7, 2013