In his eyes,
the sky lived
and with his voice
lingering in my ear
i would walk away
hoping he'll run
after me
He never did.

i walked alone,
In eternal darkness
just waiting for him
to run after me

I was never hard to find
i made sure of that
Just so he could run,
run after me

He never came running
I never looked back
But if i had,
I would've seen
He was waiting,
Waiting for me.

There he stood
Waiting for me
He never tried
to run after me.
Waiting for the moment
when i would look back
but i never did.

He felt it all,
the darkness,
my darkness
every feeling he had
towards me.

Realizing he did not
need me
Not when i wasn't
able to look back,
look back at at him,
for him.

I never truly
loved him.
and he knew
that i would
never look

An Ep User An EP User
Feb 7, 2013