Heavy stones
And hollow shells
And most of them
Condemned to hell
Still doesn’t matter
All the gold they’ve found.

Liars don’t
Speak honestly
While bound in chains
Claim they are free
Supposed knowledge
Makes an off-key sound.

Broken homes
Where children cry
Their parents sin
But all must die
And every home is
Burning to the ground.

Skipping stones
Across a lake
A chilling breeze
Makes my bones ache
Reminding me of
Sorrows quite renowned.

Stitch and sewn
Into the quilt
Of all the lives
So weary built
For every king the
World so fitly crowned.

All the bones
Of pain and doubt
And to the sky
The stones cry out
‘Til everything
Has come about
And every light
Has flickered out
But still I feel the
Cold wind all around.
thescarletparade thescarletparade
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 9, 2013

Beautiful! I love this.

Oh thank you!! x)