Pain In These Eyes

When you look into someone's eyes, you can see everything.
You see emotions and their journey.
Their heartbreaks and their fears.
Their memories, maybe even eternity.

Now, look into my eyes,
And tell me what you see.
Can you see the darkness,
That lives deep within me?

Can you see the light,
That has faded so dim?
Or how about all my regrets,
And how weak I am?

Can you see my soul,
As it's begging for help?
Or all the loved one's I've lost,
Can you see how I felt?

Can you see all my haunting dreams?
Or all the secrets locked in my heart?
Im trying to put back together this puzzle of life,
Can my eyes tell you how I start?

Can you see the day of my best friend's funeral?
Do you see all the tears that fell from my eyes?
How about all the pain it brought?
Or the way my shoulders shook from how hard I cried?

Can you see all the happiness I wish I could feel?
Or all the visions running through my mind?
What about all the truth I desire?
But can never find.

Can you see the visible lies that have broken my spirit?
And the pain that always seems to find me?
My eyes tell you all of this,
Just take a glance into them, and you will see.

Through my eyes,
I have told you my diary.
Now, look into the eyes of the person next to you,
And tell me what you see.
ADemonsFate ADemonsFate
18-21, M
7 Responses Feb 10, 2013

its so good yet so sad im so sry

imy eye are darke then urs

thats beautiful. you have a talent.

Thanks,wish i could make you smile,hope in you will make a change.

i can see nd im seeing in your eyes.
In your eyes Every thing looking clear nd bright
I can feel how you spending your life
Every thing looking clear nd bright.
I can see a shine of hoppe in your eyes.
Its mean you wana live
Becouse i can see a big hoppe in your eyes
Its enough for life.


This is a wonderful poem! i am sorry for your pain and as i recall about your bestfreind but keep your head up and keep writing!(:

Thanks for this inspired poem. Eye readers are becoming extremely rare in the world.