Left With No Hope

Now I know how the other people felt,
Left with you broken promises,
Mixed up in your riddled word’s.

Their hearts left in false hope,
Hoping they would have you in their arms,
Only to be left standing there alone.
BrokenAngel35 BrokenAngel35 31-35, F 2 Responses Feb 11, 2013

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I know the feeling to vividly clear...It's very hard to trust people with your heart once it's been broken too many times, but eventually in time the broken will mend slowly in a cautious pace. Being broken can also help a person to learn from experiences knowing not to repeat in being drawn to the same routine of reckless relationships..Nicely written..:)

yes but alone sometimes is just fine
i too have had friends so called
who let you down and went away
and then came other friends of mine.
who helped raise me up and made it ok.
alone some time is a delight and it
makes you feel that things are alright
you feel secure and and not let down
if you need them those good friend
will always be around.