Believe That ......

there are lights between the darkness
there are hopes between the suffering
there are laughs between the sadness
there are loves between the hatred
there are smiles to break the rigidity
there are big hugs to make another be happy
there are patiences to pass the life
there are wonderfull dreams about the future
there are beautiful heart to make happiness
there are big passions to change the world
there are so many chances to get a new life ....

azmya azmya
26-30, F
2 Responses Feb 11, 2013

Amazing words. I love your writing. You have a loving heart. Truly an Angel.

thank you, just want to believe a new hope will be come

A new hope is definitely coming. Maybe its already here.

I enjoyed what you wrote entitled “Believe that…” because it didn’t sugar coat life. It brought out that there are those moments in between hardships/adversity etc. that keep us going that keep us moving forward in life. There are the blooms after the rain, the births that go along with death, the successes in between disappointments. Thank you for your words, and God Bless!

thank you, God Bless You too