I Will Wait For Spring

the daffodils are dying
and sun is dressed in
clouds of grey, mourning
though these flowers shall
return some day.

the clouds hung low
over children's play of
bicycles and games
on this sad sabbath day.

there is a cardinal
and mourning dove,
somewhere i hear them
announcing spring, and
geese came marching home.

light flooded my rooms
and all i asked
was just a bit of darkness.
i will wait for spring,
it will come another day.
martysmax martysmax
61-65, F
1 Response Feb 11, 2013

I really like the overall tone & rhythm of this piece of writing. Very effective. :-)

Thank you! I have been absent from EP for quite a while. I got tangled up in something that I vowed I would never get tangled up in! Facebook, lol. So I have been consumed with that network and ignored this one. Hopefully I'll get back on track. Need time management skills, lol.