BIG RED (Kangaroo)

Awoken by sounds of claws
Scratching at my door
A noise i cant ignore
So i open my door
Im in awe
To see big red at my door
Standing at least 7ft tall
With shoulders so broad
Paws that could punch holes through my door
My fear i cant ignore
That big red could knock me out with his paw
Big red dosent fear me at all
Because i look so small
I stand there in awe
So glad when he hops away from my door
Colin Bradley
colinb1970 colinb1970
41-45, M
1 Response Feb 11, 2013

Wow,a big red at the door! Truly awesome. I had an old man goanna knock on the door once-he was huge but not quite the adrenaline rush that you would have experienced when you opened your door! Nice 1 Colin,I like that your poetry features Aussie fauna.

Thankyou rustyfrog for your kind words,it was awesome because i just woke up half asleep when i went to the door,its because i spilt a bag of sorgum the night before so big red was after the sorgum,Rustyfrog I hope you write a poem about the goanna at your door i really would love to read