My Sonnet

My sonnet
The sparkling softness of a red rose's drop,
Touches your sleeping breath,
as bunnies hop,
Over the flowing chocolate
of your firefly's dream,
And your laughing heart's cream,
For the strawberry stream,
And your blueberry dream,
For you are my sonnet,
And the sunflower's bloom,
Against the rolling gloom,
Of a stormy noon,
For you are my sonnet,
The flight of summer's night
And the dance of a star's light,
Upon your dreaming lashes,
A heart's softening whisper,
A thought's sojourn,
And a Holy Morn,
Laced with my sonnet,
And yes tis you, my flowering dream
A lily's hope
And a tulip's blush,
For you are my sonnet,
A singing warmth,
A laughter's tickle
And a thought's flourish,
A songwriter's dream
And a poet's verse,
And a heaven's blessing,
A silent blessing,
True love's sweet trickle,
And as you curve the flesh of my arm with
the crown of your head,
As you rest your sleeping warmth in my arms,
And as the words weave, like a spider web's
For your heart's lead,
And your smell of trucks and baking cookies,
colouring the blue skies with your smiles,
And your life's miles,
For you are a songwriter's poem
And the colours of my sonnet.
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2 Responses Feb 11, 2013

You write very well poetries, congratulations

I really love this!