Heart Holder

The burning pain with vile blood,
Cuts with blades,
Scars of so much pain,
No one comes and saves her,
Black and blue covers her skin.

Each person passes her by as if she is invisible,
But then,
There was a light,
The cold was chased away from her fragile soul,
A warmth embrace filled her.

All those scars became faded,
A voice touched her heart,
Gave her hope,
Gave her strength,
She got the will to fight and carry one.

Sorrow and bitterness,
That was what she used to hold,
Love and joy,
Her new path leads to this,
Those bad memories are fading.

Her heart slowly healed,
The cracks filled with love,
She bowed towards her life,
Taking the reins into her own hands.

The painful grip of depression fell,
The blade dropped and the blood dried,
She caressed the cross she held to her heart.

A angel stood in front of her,
Her guardian angel,
Her hero stood before her, 
All the pain faded.

Slowly but surely she came back to life,
A new life,
A new start,
And forever it shall be with the holder of her heart.
CrushedScottishLass CrushedScottishLass
18-21, F
Feb 11, 2013