My Nightmare

It watches me.
Eyes wide and red.
Filling me with dread.

It seeks for me.
It’s companion would me make
My soul burned cold it would take.

It asks for me.
With hands outstretched it feels.
All my scars I would from it conceal.

It begs for me.
To surrender to its calling.
To not stop myself from falling.

It closes in on me.
Makes breath stall in my lungs
Makes thick my once free tongue.

It reaches for me.
With breath that reeks of poison.
I life my eyes and they moisten.

It calls me.
Its path it would have me follow.
And give-up all my dreams of tomorrow.

It grabs me.
And forces freedom from my spirit.
I cannot stop the dark, I fear it.

It binds me.
My fate is set forever.
To be its servant I endeavor.

It kisses me.
Calling me sweet and dear
Saying I’ve no reason to fear.

It watches me.
Eyes wide and red.
Not realizing I’m already dead.

The warm breath it sought from my lungs,
It selfishly took by its violent tongue.
The comforting embrace it sough from my soul,
It selfishly destroyed, all of me; whole.

It killed me.
An Ep User An EP User
Feb 11, 2013