Muddy Water

Nothing can penetrate
The muddy water.
Boats just sitting
Never moving
Occasionally dumping
Their dirty remains
Littering the already disgusting water.
Any form of peace
The water may use
To purify its being.
And it rains
One day
Truth rained down
On the muddy water.
The water opened its heart
And accepted
The rain's purification.
Riding on the raindrops
Raising HIS hand
"Erase the sins
Which caused the mud
To appear in the water
My FATHER made"
Instantly the water
Became pure.
Sins and transgressions forgotten.
The mud disappeared
Leaving the water
Pristine and clear
As it was when it was first created.
All because
The water opened its heart
And let JESUS ride in.
jesussaves2013 jesussaves2013
22-25, F
Feb 12, 2013