Memories Of Me

You’re gripping onto memories hanging by a thread
And for every stretching fiber you lose a little more
You press rewind and keep regretting what was said.
Imagining each outcome of every closed door.

Time is just another measure haunting everyday
It is screaming deadlines and forcing deeds
Removing all those pictures you wish could stay
Just another measure to bury all your needs.

What can be remembered is kept hidden, locked away
In hope that time nor space can pry it’s way to your mind
Memories are sealed inside, never touched so they will stay
And of the past you hold too tightly you are completely blind

Come what may, come who may, come any at all
You’ve built a barrier never to be broken
And so came change, so came others, came to climb the wall
But all that you kept buried was never to be spoken.

You’re gripping onto anything, gulping for air
Slowly drowning deeply, and everyone can see
You tell them you’re not sinking, there’s no reason to stare
But you broke the wall, your lungs are filling, with memories of me.
LizzyDeviya LizzyDeviya
22-25, F
Feb 12, 2013