This Is My Choice

My piece of mind

I have been beat up, put down enough of the abuse.
I found the courage to stand up to you.
My bruises have all healed.
I will always bear the scars.
My life is mine again i know who you are.
You piece of **** no good liar.
Threaten me again with starting my house on fire.
Do your best to me, I'm strong i can take it.
No matter what you do i know i will make it.
I found my happiness and it ****** you off.
I stand here with a smile on my face telling you to **** off.
I want to kick your *** and punch you in the face.
Completely wipe you out of the human race.
But i could never take the life of another.
My job is here being a wife and mother.
So **** you, you will never hurt me again.
I get my satisfaction knowing you will get yours in the end.

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WhisperingEchoes WhisperingEchoes
36-40, F
Feb 14, 2013